Can I Date During Lockdown?

Can I Date During Lockdown

It is more than evident that the Covid Pandemic has changed the world and everything we know about it. We find that we are told to shelter in place, we have to keep a social distance of 6 feet, we cannot go to restaurants, bars, and grocery shopping is like a wrestling match. What this … Read more

Best Virtual Date Ideas

Best Virtual Date Ideas

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or have decided to begin dating during this pandemic, one thing to remember is that it can be tough. This is a whole new way to date, and you are not the only ones who are trying this. What types of virtual dates are available or even possible. … Read more

Does Tinder Show Inactive Profiles?

Does Tinder Show Inactive Profiles

Tinder is easily one of the hottest online dating apps that exist. It has over 1.6 million swipes per day, which directly means that a large number of people in the world are registered and active on the app. However, it is not impossible that there might be a percentage of people who have the … Read more

Is Online Dating a Sin?

Is Online Dating a Sin

Imagine the twenty-first-century world without online platforms. What do you see? Communication will be hampered, technology backward, businesses stagnant, education limited, knowledge barely transferable, and connection will crawl on its belly. More than half of life activities are carried out online. According to the World Internet Usage and Population Statistics, about sixty-two percent of the … Read more

Best Dating Apps For Nerds

Best Dating Apps For Nerds

Do you consider yourself a nerd? Maybe other people consider you a geek or a nerd? Do they see the chances of a relationship happening to you as very thin or not feasible? It is all a lie that they have been telling you. If you are looking for a special someone this list of … Read more